Adonis Golden Ratio System Review – Perfect Body Formula

Product Name: Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR)Adonis Golden Ratio System Review – Perfect Body Formula
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Product Price: $47 Onetime Payment
Product Creators: John Barban and Kyle Leon
Overall Rank: 95/100

What is Adonis Golden Ratio System?

Every man wants to become attractive and lives a good health. Though only a few people struggle to achieve this and most of them are just looking for a miracle. There are numerous programs and products out there that promise to build healthy muscles and get you a perfect body.

Adonis Golden Ratio is also one of them and has gained good popularity over the years. It was launched by John Barban and Kyle Leon, who has created many other products that have gathered a lot of appreciation from this industry.

It is a 12 weeks plan that is further subdivided into three a lot of weeks cycle, and it gives you guide how to develop muscles and at the same time lose your stubborn fat from your body. It will lead to very attractive and perfect body that every man desires.

The system assures that your body don’t look weird at developing some areas too prominent and others don’t. The excellence of this product is that it creates a balance for all of your body parts like chest, arms, wings, legs, back, and abs will be all in proportion.

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Golden Ratio in Mathematical Form:

The Golden ratio is expressed in a mathematical equation, and the ideal ratio is 1:1.618.

The purpose of this training is to optimize your Adonis Index, and this will help you to look perfect. In a really bad scenario, waist is broader than your shoulder, and your index is out, but if you look at an ideal scenario then you need to develop your shoulders, so they’re broad compared to your waist.

This ratio is a perfect dimension for you and it means if your waist is having a value of one (1), your shoulders should be of 1.618. The reverse ratio is too odd and looks weird.

First case in which you want to build muscle…….

Now, let’s say you have a lean body and are looking to gain some muscle. If your waist measures 30 inches, then your goal for your shoulders should be just about 48.54 inches. Now your index becomes perfect, and your body will look attractive.

First case in which you want to build muscle…….

Alternatively, let’s say you have an immense weight and wish to reduce some it. If your shoulders are 55 inches, then you need to drop such amount of weight so that your waist measurement down to around 34.

A Perfect Example:

The purpose of this example is to remove any doubts in your mind and be 100% sure what this system is all about.

Let’s say a guy Mike has a 32-inch waist and 42 inches shoulders. If we look at the Adonis Index, then it becomes 1.3125. Now it’s time to improve this ratio.

He has two options to work and improve this index. If he diets down and brings his waist down to 30, his rate will jump to 1.4. Please do remember, he hasn’t workout on any muscles yet, and a simple two-inch cut in his waist has made him a lot closer to a perfect Adonis Index and an improved body.

If Mike moves one step further and starts training to develop muscles to add circumference of his shoulder and will able to add three inches to the total, he’s pretty much set. At 45 inches with a 30 waist, our client is now at an Index 1.5, which is amazingly close.

What is Included in the Product?

It all begins with where you are at right now. Well, I am not talking about your location, but your physique and this guide starts with providing you current state and then based on your information this system will guide you actionable steps that you will take and get the perfect body.

It’s not difficult at all, and you could identify this by providing your information to the software. All you need to input you height, waist, and weight. The software will then shows which category you are in and the program will give you specific diet and exercise guidelines to follow.

There are three categories:

  • Muscle gain
  • Fat loss
  • Combined muscle gain and fat loss

The software shows this category after inputting the requisite information that I have disclosed above.

Based on the measurement the software will provide you complete guidelines for your nutrition. It helps you to identify which one to eat and which one to avoid. Your primary goal is to achieve the perfect ratio and without eating proper food, you would not be able to attain it.


Things I Liked:

A Product for Everyone

Golden ratio works for everyone and if you are looking for getting a perfect body then this is an excellent product for you. It works either way, whether you are fat or thin. If you are fat, then this will help you to get a perfect body by burning your fats and if you have a lean body then by following training and nutrition you can build muscles.

Everyone wants to be attractive not only for women but also have a great respect among friends and, believe me, you can off your shirt easily. Imagine you had a big belly and asked by your friends to show your abs then how would you feel……

Building the right muscle at the right place

I have seen a lot of training that just focus on doing specific exercises and building muscles on the particular part of your body. They don’t take into perspective how your body will look once muscles start to getting bigger and bigger. In reality, this will make your body weirder, and if you do not do in a proper way like this product guides, then you cannot get an attractive body.

Information is Great

I can fairly say that it is a complete product with proper guidance and training. It all starts will identifying your current state and then move forward. You cannot start randomly without knowing about yourself. Moreover, there is information for everyone. If you have a height greater than this then your plan would be different and so on.

People are Getting Results

I have read many testimonials and observed people, and even you can check on various places on the internet, and you can quickly find that people are getting good results with this product.

Remember, this product is from two people John Barban and Kyle Leon, who has been in this industry quite a long time and are related to this field. They know what they are talking about and have authored many other books in the past.

Reasonable Price

I have seen a lot of products that offered valuable information, and when I started to buy that product, then it was out of my range. The product can only be the right product when it is offered at a fair price.

Luckily, Adonis Golden ratio is offered at a very low price of $37 and it one time. I think this is the right information for this price.


Whenever I am looking for a particular product then always see what about its support because as a newbie you cannot be 100% by taking the training and there are instances when you have to face something new that is not in the training and here the support system guides you all through this difficult phase.

This system has a very vast community and thousands of members (over 50,000) and has thousands of threads. With this community, you can easily in touch with other people, and they will help you all in this way. Moreover, you can also contact the owner when you considered necessary.

Things I Don’t Liked:

Ratio Can be Complicated for Newbies

I have seen a lot of newbies asking questions about this ratio and how this work. They are very few but nevertheless it can be confusing for someone especially as a beginner. No need to panic, you would be better as you are getting older and interacting with the training and community people.


To cut a lengthy story short, if you are looking for making your body perfect that look attractive to you, friends then this is the right product for you. People are getting extremely excellent results with this product, and it is also available at a very affordable price.

If you get stuck somewhere then you are not alone, but there are thousands of like-minded people who are willing to help you. It is just 12 weeks workout and if you do it as per their instructions then no way you could not get results.

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